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Piano P 237 Monsoon „Steel“ (Acero)

Piano P 237 Monsoon „Steel“ (Acero)
Grand Piano P 237 Monsoon with steel frame was built based on the research and development activities of The PETROF Company in cooperation with Universities, science institutions and special metal workshop. The core idea was the replacement of the cast iron frame (the plate).
An idea to produce a steel frame from solid steel, cutting, drilling, milling and laser or plasma cutting came about during the discussion of possible solution. This type of production is the first of its kind in the world.
Especificaciones técnicas
P 237 Monsoon Steel - detail
P 237 Monsoon Steel - detail

P 237 Monsoon Steel grand piano 

The steel frame is heavier than a cast iron frame; however, its design allows for a much larger open area of the soundboard. The steel frame is far more stable than its cast iron predecessor. Frame stability has a great influence on the quality and stability of tuning and regulation of the piano action. This grand piano has a very good sound, and very high stability in the action and its tuning of stability.

Differences from standard model Monsoon P 237:

  • Key-bed-noise measurement. Special construction – sandwich with Bitumen parts.
  • Piano action (www.wesselnickelandgross.com) WNG action, produced from high quality composite materials. This way perfect stability in climate changes and a permanent light touch is achieved.
  • Metal parts (Front pins, balance key frame guide pins, screws, and capstan adjusting screws) are made from aircraft aluminum with special hardened surface (anodized aluminum). These complex but better metal parts ensure a better feeling while playing.
  • Bridge pins are replaced with small stainless steel screws (imbus). The screws are lighter than the pins used before making the bridge more efficient in frequency transmission to the sound board.
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Zuzana Ceralova PetrofovaMe siento honrada de poder continuar con la tradición de la fabricación de pianos verticales y pianos de cola de excelente calidad, que fue iniciada por mi tatarabuelo hace 150 años. En la empresa PETROF hacemos lo posible para que nuestros pianos traigan a nuestros clientes tan sólo alegría y placer y que su sonido refinado siga haciendo vibrar los corazones de los amantes de la música en todo el mundo.
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