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Dear music friends,

we would like to introduce you a new member of our free association of artists PETROF Art Family, composer and multi-instrumentalist Karel Havlíček.

Karel Havlíček is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the Czech Republic. Beside The Czech Republic, he also spends his time in Los Angeles. For the past few years, he has focused on composing music for TV series and movies. His work has appeared in HBO Europe, American streaming services, and Czech TV series. In addition, Karel has composed music for numerous foreign and Czech commercials and created original music for TV stations, theater plays, and charity spots. Also, his compositions are a part of the award-winning American feature documentary Lion Ark.

His solo album, Spoken, expresses the most profound thoughts, emotions, and stories that reflect Karel’s life and experiences from two entirely different corners of the world. It also depicts the deep connection with his twin brother Maxim, who has lived in LA for the last 20 years, and his paintings inspired some of Karel’s music. Thanks to their bond and artistic connection, Karel learned the nuances between music and art, which helped him expand his musical journey. Although Karel has years of experience as a movie and TV series production composer, Spoken is his debut solo album. Karel’s primary instrument of expression is the piano, accompanied by strings and carefully embedded wind instruments connected to ambient electronics. The album Spoken offers 17 songs that, put together, describe a part of his life.

Karel, welcome!

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